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Colin Walsh

Founder and CEO of Varo Bank

Episode 04

Mark Carges and Amit Mital: Building Disruptive Consumer Platforms Using Technology and Data

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In this episode of Varo Prosperity, Varo Bank CEO Colin Walsh, seasoned executive manager Mark Carges, and Former Special Assistant to the President at the National Security Council Amit Mital discuss:

  • Driving innovation in challenging economic cycles

  • Key factors for tech companies' success in modern markets

  • Strategies for building a disruptive fintech product

  • Ensuring information security in the changing fintech world

Key takeaways from this podcast

  • The key to successful technology companies lies in combining data science and a customer-centric approach to solve unsolved customer problems better than anyone else.

  • In the highly competitive world of Fintech, success lies in striking the right balance between innovative technology and regulatory compliance, while leveraging customer data to identify unique differentiators that set your product apart from competitors and ultimately attract loyal customers.

  • The blending of traditional financial services with breakthrough technologies in the Fintech world presents both cultural challenges and opportunities, while the increasing importance of cybersecurity and remote work demands seamless innovation and balance to ensure a secure and connected future.

Get to know Mark Carges

"In fintech, it's both finance and technology, and the risk profiles that both those types of people bring to a company are very different. When you're in fintech, you're mixing a regulated environment with a tech company that wants to use technology and move quickly." — Mark Carges

Mark Carges is a seasoned executive manager in the world of enterprise and internet software, with an impressive career that spans decades. Having previously worked at industry giants, including as the CTO of eBay, Mark has consistently driven innovation and spearheaded platform strategies.

With a track record of success as a Board Director at Splunk, and Veeva Systems, his deep expertise and passion for technology have brought invaluable value to the market.

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Get to know Amit Mital

"We realized that fintech is indeed a critical part – a critical ingredient of our everyday way of life. In many ways, it is as critical as your power, water, highway systems, and pipelines." — Amit Mital

Amit Mital is a dynamic expert with an impressive track record in both the public and private sectors. As the Former Special Assistant to the President at the National Security Council, The White House, Former CTO at Symantec, and former CVP at Microsoft, Amit played a vital role in developing technology strategies and driving excellence in product development. 

With 46 patents and expertise in machine learning, telepresence, and computer vision, Amit is a true force in shaping the future of technology and business.

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Take a  journey with host and Varo Bank CEO Colin Walsh, as he brings together visionaries from financial services, tech, non-profits, government, sports, and beyond to discuss breakthrough initiatives designed to help people live better lives.

In the Varo Prosperity podcast, we’ll explore how reimagined policy, regulation, and technology-first banking solutions are absolutely essential when it comes to paving the way towards unparalleled financial access and inclusion.

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