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Colin Walsh

Founder and CEO of Varo Bank

Episode 01

Welcome to Varo Prosperity

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Get ready to take a journey with host and Varo Bank CEO Colin Walsh, as he brings together visionaries from financial services, tech, non-profits, government, sports, and beyond to discuss breakthrough initiatives designed to help people live better lives.

Financial resilience is a continuous challenge for many because of the broken wealth ladder. At Varo, we aim to shatter barriers and revolutionize the very essence of banking as we help to create a financial system that empowers every aspiring wealth builder. 

With this podcast, we’ll explore how reimagined policy, regulation, and technology-first banking solutions are absolutely essential when it comes to paving the way towards unparalleled financial access and inclusion.

Whether you're a casual podcast listener looking to improve your financial wellbeing, a trailblazing industry influencer, a financial services investor, a forward-thinking regulator, or policy maker, this podcast is for you.

Prepare to be inspired for a future where prosperity knows no bounds!

Get to know Colin Walsh

“I look forward to the day when all consumers can enjoy the things that were once only available to people who had money.” — Colin Walsh

Colin Walsh is Founder & CEO of Varo Bank, the first consumer fintech to be granted a bank charter in U.S. history1. Walsh founded Varo in 2015 with a vision to advance financial inclusion and opportunity for all.

With more than 25 years of experience in consumer banking at global financial institutions, Colin is uniquely positioned to lead the digital bank revolution. His background has provided him with a robust understanding of how to find ways to help consumers reach financial stability and make banking more accessible to everyone.

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