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The Easy Credit-Builder Card


With a Varo Believe card, that is.¹ There’s no credit history required. No massive income needed. And no interest or fees to put you out. Because building credit should always be this easy. For everyone.

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Applying is easy

No credit score? No problem.

You’re more than your credit score. That’s why we don’t require you to have one to qualify for a Varo Believe card. You don’t need a high credit score or a high income, either. We welcome anyone who wants to build their credit. And get this: there’s no credit check to apply.

Building credit with the Varo Believe Card is as easy as…

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    1. Move money.

    Just transfer some cash to your Believe Account. That’s how much you can spend on your card.²

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    2. Spend money.

    Groceries. Gas. Bills. Even subscriptions. Every purchase helps build your credit.

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    3. Track your progress.

    With Safe Pay³ on, we automatically cover your purchases every month and report this to the credit bureaus. All you gotta do is watch your score tick up in the app.⁴


Every purchase counts

A cup of coffee. Some toothpaste. It all builds your cred.

If you’re spending, you might as well build credit while you’re at it. Think: stuff you buy on the daily (wherever Visa® is accepted). Food. Gas. Your phone bill. Varo takes your funds and covers those little purchases automatically. It’s that easy.

Believe Card + Banking Mobile App

Track your score

Keep tabs on the 
progress you make.

See your credit score right from your Varo app. That way, you can easily keep track of your progress, whenever, wherever.

Qualifying for the Believe Card is really, really easy.

Just make sure you've got:

  • A Varo Bank Account with money in it (and no overdue Varo Advance)

  • $200 or more in Incoming Deposits (in the past 31 days)

Already a customer? See if you qualify.


It takes less than 2 minutes to sign up for a Varo Bank Account.

Why should I get the Varo Believe Secured Credit Card?
How do I apply for the Varo Believe Card?
Will applying for the Varo Believe Program impact my credit?
How is my credit (spending) limit determined?
What is the Varo Believe Secured Account?

It can be tough qualifying for credit cards or loans with little to no credit history. After all, you need to have credit products to start building credit.

A secured credit card, like the Varo Believe Card, gives you an opportunity to either rebuild credit or start building credit from scratch.