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Personal line of credit️

Borrow up to $2,000.

Varo Line of Credit is one of the best ways to access cash when you need it, directly from Varo Bank.¹ Borrow between $600 - $2,000, depending on your credit score and Varo activity, and receive the money in seconds. Eligibility required.

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Why borrow with Varo

Forget about hidden fees, complicated terms, or accumulating interest—and instead say hello to a line of credit you can love.

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    Simple and transparent
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    A single flat fee
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    Instant funding
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    Affordable monthly payments
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    No late or penalty fees
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Get excited for our new line of credit

Join the waitlist now ²

Varo Line of Credit is almost here! Get early access by signing up for the waitlist directly in the Varo App. Eligibility required. Not already a Varo customer? Sign up now, then join the waitlist.

One of the best ways to borrow

Varo Line of Credit gives you access to up to $2,000—no hidden fees, no interest, no BS. What are you waiting for? Join Varo and apply for a personal line of credit today. Eligibility required.

  • Borrow up to $2,000

  • A single flat fee with no interest

  • Monthly payments up to 12 months depending on amount

  • No late or pre-payment fees

  • Credit limit can grow as you bank, borrow and repay on time

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We value your relationship with us.

To determine your eligibility, we look at your Varo account activity (direct deposits, account balances, and on-time payments) as well as your credit score.


Access higher borrowing amounts by banking more with Varo—like adding direct deposits, repaying Advances³ on time, and maintaining healthy account balances.

A “No bs” way to borrow.

Sign up for Varo today and get on the waitlist for an unsecured line of credit that can help make life a little bit better.